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Is ‘Asian Girlz’ By Day Above Ground The Most Racist Song Ever? (VIDEO)

Rock group Day Above Ground released a song called "Asian Girlz” that many people are calling racist, offensive and just downright awful.

In the music video for the song, the band is portrayed as being trapped in a bird cage while they watch as an Asian girl strips out of her outfit to reveal that she has tattoos and is wearing lingerie. While this is happening, the band sings about topics such as "buttf---ing all night" and fried rice, The Huffington Post reported.

After this goes on for a while, there is a scene involving a bubble bath and miniature versions of the musicians swimming between the girl’s legs and crawling on her breasts.

There’s also the lyric: "17 or 23, it doesn't matter to me!"

Levy Tran, the "Asian Girl" in the video, went on Twitter to apologize for appearing in the video.

“I sincerely apologize to all who feels that I set Asian women back 50 years," Tran wrote. "I know I lost respect from a lot of people. It wasn't my intention.”

According to a statement with the video that was posted to YouTube:

This is Day Above Ground reposting this video with a new description as a response to all the comments we received on this video. We appreciate all the criticism and support. Our song 'Asian Girlz' was not written with any malicious, hateful, or hurtful intent. We know it is racy and does push the boundaries further than other songs out there.

Understand that we do not promote or support racism or violence. We love everyone no matter what race, religion, or sexual orientation. Please respect our decision to delete any violent, insensitive, or hurtful comment and also one that supports racism. We hope that we can continue with our lives with much love and peace.

As one commenter put it, “If you have to explain in the description that it's not racist, it's probably racist.”

The video is below:

Sources: The Huffington PostYouTube


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