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Ashley Owens, Kentucky Middle Schooler, Forced To Carry Around Contents of Locker as Punishment

Ashley Owens, a 50-pound Powell County Middle Schooler, 'accidentally' erased a name on her math teacher’s board that listed the students who talked in class.

After the teacher asked the class about the missing name, Owens said she confessed to the heinous crime. As a punishment, the school teacher made Owens empty out her locker and carry around its contents for the rest of the week.

"It takes two seconds to write it back," said Owens, who said she didn’t feel her offense was a big deal. "She could've just written it back."

Owens' parents, Stella and Jerry Owens, were less than pleased about the punishment, but were going to give the school the benefit of the doubt if it was a lapse in judgment.

That was, until they were told the principal supported the punishment.

Concerned about their 50-pound daughter carrying around a 20-pound backpack for a week, they took Owens out of school until the matter could be resolved.

"I'm fed up with it," said Stella Owens. "I want something done. She's not doing it."

The parents emailed Powell County Superintendent Mike Tate about the issue, who responded that he’d look into the matter.



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