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Ashley Jessica Claims TSA Agent Touched Her Vagina (Video)

Ashley Jessica, an activist, recently uploaded a video to YouTube of a TSA agent allegedly touching her vagina through her clothing during an airport pat down (video below).

Jessica and her mother took turns recording each other after they chose the pat down instead of going through a body scanner machine at the San Diego International Airport. It is not known when the incident took place.

She repeatedly asks the unidentified TSA female agent not to touch her vagina, breasts, or her mother's private parts.

Jessica told that she and her mother were told by the TSA agent that they would undergo “an extensive pat down which would involve going all the way up the leg."

The TSA screener first placed her hand on Jessica’s breasts, prompting her response: “Sorry, you just touched my boob.”

After Jessica tells the TSA agent that she does not want her breasts touched, the TSA agent threatens to stop the screening process and ban Jessica from flying.

Jessica agrees to allow the pat down to continue, but flinches when the TSA agent feels high up on the inner part of her leg, possibly touching the young woman's vagina.

“She just touched my vagina, seriously, that was not my upper thigh,” states Jessica.

“Having the camera on empowered me to interrupt the pat down when I was being violated and tell them what was and wasn’t acceptable,” Jessica explained to

Source: and YouTube


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