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Artist Receives Criticism For 'Barbaric' Molten Aluminum Ant Hill Sculptures (Video)

A video featuring the process of aluminum casting of a fire ant hill went viral this week when commenters questioned whether the artist was unnecessarily cruel to the insects.

“What if I poured aluminum in your house?” one commenter wrote.

In the video captions, the artist wrote that he finally disabled comments because there were so many complaints of animal abuse.

The video showed the artist pouring molten aluminum into a fire ant hill. When the aluminum hardened, the artist dug up the creation from the ground and hosed off the remaining dirt.

The final result was an 18-pound aluminum sculpture displaying the intricacies of ant tunnel, while simultaneously ridding the artist of a backyard pest.

The artist's most recent piece, a 20-pound ant hill sculpture, is being sold for $,4500 on eBay.

The Huffington Post pointed out that fire ants cost the U.S. about $1 billion per year, and their bites can sometimes be fatal.

The video was uploaded on November 22, and has since received 7 million views.

Sources: The Blaze, Social News Daily, The Huffington Post


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