Artist Bart Jansen Makes Cat Helicopter from Dead Kitty Orville


This is either the coolest thing ever done with a dead cat -- or the most disturbing. It seems Dutch artist Bart Jansen thought it would be fantastic idea to immortalize his deceased kitty Orville by transforming him into a, uh, a sort of 21st century feline helicopter.

Known as Orvillecopter (have to admire the unintentional homage to the Orville Bros.), Orville was stuffed after death and built into a remote control flying machine. Jansen debuted his little project at the Kunstrai Art Festival in Amsterdam.

Pot is legal in Amsterdam, right? Yeah, this story is now making more sense.

Anyway, Jansen told reporters: "After a period of mourning, he received his propellers posthumously." The artist apparently thought the tribute to his cat, hit by a car, was fitting since the tabby was named for pioneering aviator Orville Wright. Of course,#Orvillecopteris already trending on Twitter.


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