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Art Project Results In Giant Spiral Patterns In Egyptian Desert

They may look reminiscent of crop circles or strange alien-like patterns, but the spirals decorating the Sahara desert are actually a part of an art project – a one million square foot art project.

Artist Danae Stratou teamed up with architects Alexandra Stratou and Stella Constantinides almost two decades ago to design and create the perfectly shaped piles and cylindrical holes to create the spirals that stretch out to more than one million square feet.

The gigantic art installation is titled “Desert Breath,” and is meant to show “the desert as a state of mind, a landscape of the mind,” according to the artists’ website.

As many outdoor environment-based art pieces, this one will eventually be erased completely thanks to desert winds that slowly have weathered away some of the installation’s features.

Nonetheless, the spirals serve several important purposes.

“The work functions on two different levels in terms of viewpoint,” the artists write, “from above as visual image, and from the ground, walking the spiral pathways, a physical experience.”

Sources:, Danae Stratou


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