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Art Dorsch, Ex-Marine, Forced To Remove Guns From Apartment Complex

Art Dorsch is a retired United States Marine from Castle Rock, Colo., who might have to leave his home if he does not get rid of his guns.

Dorsch, 77, has a conceal and carry permit and several firearms and lives in the Oakwoods Apartment Complex. On Aug. 1, the complex sent out a notice to all residents informing them that guns would be banned from the property starting on Oct. 1. If Dorsch does not remove his guns — which he currently keeps locked in a safe — from the property, he could be evicted, according to Devner’s KUSA-TV.

"It upsets me very much," Dorsch said. "I'm a hunter. I'm a licensed conceal and carry person. They want to take them all away from me. They say I can't live here.”

When KUSA called, Brooke Young, Ross Management Group regional manager, she said "It's our policy not to comment to the news media," before hanging up.

KUSA legal analyst Scott Robinson said, "The best thing this tenant can do is either move out or get rid of the guns," explaining that, in most cases, courts have supported the rights of landlords to impose "reasonable regulations" on tenants.

"The question is: is an outright ban of firearms reasonable in light of the US Constitution?" Robinson said.

In 2009, Tennessee attorney general Robert Cooper found that landlords could in fact prohbit tenants from owning guns.

Sources: KUSA-TV, Knox News


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