Arrest Made In 'Unfathomable' Shooting Death of Tyshawn Lee

Two suspects have been identified and an arrest warrant for a third person has been issued in the “unfathomable” death of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Corey Morgan, 27, has been charged with first-degree murder. Kevin Edwards, 22, has a warrant out for his arrest, police announced on Nov. 27. A third alleged gang member, who police have not yet named, is also in custody for charges unrelated to Tyshawn’s death.

On Nov. 2, Tyshawn was reportedly lured into an alley and shot in the head as alleged retaliation against his father. Chief Medical Examiner Stephen J. Cina, who performed the autopsy, was able to detect evidence of gunpowder burns on the child’s face, which shows the gunman fired at close range.

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Photo: Corey Morgan (left) and Kevin Edwards.

Superintendent Garry McCarthy reported that police are still determining the role each of the three played in Tyshawn’s murder. He stated at least one of them starting talking to the child as he was playing basketball at a nearby park and then lured him to an alley and fatally shot him in the right side of his head.

"This is a crime that shook our city," the superintendent said. "It was an act of barbarism, the assassination of a 9-year-old child as a gang retaliation to get back at his father. Tyshawn Lee was failed on many, many levels."

McCarthy said Tyshawn’s father was “not at all a help” in the investigation of his child’s murder. The superintendent credited community members who came forward to help police officials. He stated that tens of thousands of dollars in reward money played no role in solving the killing.

“We’re going to go in and destroy that gang,” McCarthy said. “And the other gang, too.”

The Rev. Michael Pfleger, an advocate against the gun violence that has plagued Chicago, called Tyshawn’s death a “new low," reports CNN.

"A baby was executed," said Pfleger. "A baby was assassinated right behind us in the alley."

Chicago had 406 murders in 2014, according to BBC. Although this number has decreased compared to 2013, it is still higher than other U.S. cities with larger populations.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, CNNBBC / Photo credit: WTKR News

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