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Arrest Of Alleged Accomplice In Mass Shooting Expected

Omar Mateen might not have acted alone in the mass shooting that killed 49 patrons of the Pulse gay bar in Orlando, Florida, in the early morning hours of June 12.

An arrest of an alleged accomplice is imminent, reports WFTV.

At a news conference on Monday, A. Lee Bentley, the United States attorney for Central Florida, announced that investigators were collecting evidence in an attempt to determine whether or not Mateen acted alone, The New York Times reports.

On June 13, FBI director James Comey said there was “no indication that this was part of a plot directed from outside the United States.”

In the past, Mateen had claimed to have connections to both Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, according to Comey.

“Our investigation involved introducing confidential sources to him, recording conversations with him, following him, reviewing transactional records from his communications,” Comey revealed.

But ultimately it was determined that there was no evidence to support Mateen’s claims, and the investigation was closed.

In the meantime, the world awaits the potential arrest of Mateen’s alleged accomplice.

Sources: WFTV, The New York Times / Photo credit: City of Orlando Police Department via Wikimedia Commons

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