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Army Veteran Who Suffered Extreme Physical And Emotional Injuries Generously Given A New Home

After suffering severe physical injuries while serving in Iraq and almost losing everything from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) upon returning home, a North Carolina Army veteran received a mortgage-free home donated by Bank of America and the Military Warriors Support Foundation.

According to reports, retired Army Sgt. Allen Megginson returned home from Iraq with brain, back and knee injuries, and eventually lost his job and nearly everything he and his wife had built, upon returning home from war due to PTSD.

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“We had a life with a home, the cars and everything and we lost it all,” wife Amy Megginson told WGHP. “It’s been a hard road.”

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Despite their sad situation, the couple had their hope renewed thanks to Bank of America and the Military Warriors Support Foundation. The bank and organization generously donated a home to the Winston-Salem couple completely mortgage-free. Then Amy and Allen, who reportedly have five kids and a few grandkids, were even brought to their new home for the very first time by Patriot Guard members.

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“I never feel like I deserve it, regardless of what I go through and the injuries I have,” Allen said. “I think it’s going to afford us the ability through the program to rebuild. Over the last few years we’ve lost pretty much everything we had and it always seemed like such an uphill fight to rebuild. To be given this opportunity is going to afford us the opportunity to really rebuild and help others.”

Allen and Amy are reportedly considering starting their own nonprofit group to help veterans.

Sources: The Blaze, WGHP / Photo Source: The Blaze


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