Army Veteran, Oregon Trooper Have Shootout on Highway (Video)


A routine traffic stop on highway I-84 in Oregon quickly turned into a shootout on Aug. 29.

Video (below) of the incident was recorded by a dashcam in an Oregon State trooper's car, but was just recently released.

After being pulled over for speeding, John Van Allen got out of his car and walked towards the trooper's cruiser, reports the New York Daily News.

“Sir, please get back in your car for me now,” said trooper Matthew Zistel.

However, Van Allen kept walking towards Zistel, pulled a gun and started firing, said Oregon State Trooper spokesman Lt. Gregg Hastings.

Van Allen, an U.S. Army vet, struck a combat pose as he fired his handgun several times.

Zistel was shot in the side, but his injury was minor and he was able to shoot Van Allen in the chest before calling for help, noted KATU.

Van Allen made it back to his car and drove away. However, he was found by troopers a half a mile away on the highway and slumped over in his car.

Troopers tried to help Van Allen, but quickly realized he was dead.

Van Allen had three children in the car with him, but the two teen boys and 10-year-old girl were not harmed.

Sources: KATU and New York Daily News


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