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Army Veteran Helps Woman Who Had Her Purse Stolen During Christmas Shopping (Video)

A brave Army veteran decided to spring into action after hearing the cries of a distressed woman whose purse was stolen while Christmas shopping at a local Walmart store.

According to Mad World News, 51-year-old Rhonda Healey was doing some shopping when a man suddenly stole her purse. Army veteran Rick White says he heard the cries for help and knew he had to jump into action.

White proceeded to chase after the alleged suspect, 24-year-old Alan White, and was able to grab him by the arm to pin him down while waiting for the police to show up.

“I grabbed him and tossed him to the ground,” Rick White said, according to Mad World News. “He tried to hit and grab me. I sat on him until the police came. I brought his arm up and said, ‘give me your other hand or I’ll break this one.’ And he gave me his other hand, and that was it.

“With all the opportunity for help, there is no need to steal,” White added. “To me it wasn’t a big thing. I am just glad I could help out.”

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Healey says she is grateful that the Good Samaritan was there when she needed him and that he was able to stop the thief from getting away.

“With everything going on, it’s nice to know there’s really good people out there,” Healey said.

The status of the suspect is not clear.

Sources:Mad World News, Funker 350


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