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Army Vet Meets The Rock, But Bigger Surprise Waits (Video)

"Tonight Show" producer and army veteran Karina Kabalan was ecstatic to meet one of her favorite celebrities, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, however, she had no idea that an even bigger surprise awaited her (video below).

During his Dec. 9 interview on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Johnson told Fallon how important he thinks it is to give back to our troops. 

"If we ever have the opportunity to give back to our troops, I think we all should because we live and enjoy the life we have because of them," he said, according to Us Weekly. "I would love to give back to a military family that's actually here in the audience... This person does not know."

Kabalan, 42, was sitting in the control room completely unaware that Johnson was talking about her. While serving in the Iraq War, she met her husband Todd, a master sergeant in the Air Force. Kabalan hasn't seen her husband for over a year and a half.

Johnson and Fallon headed backstage and found a shocked Kabalan, completely unaware of what was happening.

"We just wanted to thank you and your husband for your service and your sacrifice," said Johnson. "And I personally heard you are the most amazing person, and we wanted to bring your husband home for you for the holidays." 

Her husband, in full uniform, sneaked into the room and stood behind her.

"Turn around and hug your husband," said an emotional Johnson.

The two embraced, causing Fallon to tear up. "Oh, man, I'm losing it right now," he said, hugging everyone.  

This isn't the first time Johnson has gone out of his way to show his love for the troops. On Oct. 9, a veteran had been waiting for hours in line for the chance to meet The Rock, according to his Facebook page. The star, driving by in his car, saw the vet and decided to pull over. 

"I appreciate all your kind words and more importantly I appreciate all you do for our country," he wrote to the vet over Facebook. "For me personally, chance meetings like this will always be one of the coolest parts of fame."

Sources: Us Weekly, Dwayne The Rock Johnson/Facebook / Photo Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/Youtube via Us Weekly

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