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Army Vet Gives Boy CPR After He Nearly Drowns At Florida Resort

An Army veteran on vacation in Orlando, Florida, said he was just doing what he was trained to do Monday when he gave a 6-year-old boy CPR after the boy was pulled from a resort pool.

Carlos Mullen and his fiancee, Christina Lamothe, were on vacation at Westgate Resort when they heard a commotion near the pool there.

“I hear this blood curdling scream,” Lamothe told WOFL News. “People were just screaming, ‘Help! Lifeguard, lifeguard!’”

“I looked out and I just see a kid lying there,” Mullen said.

Lamothe said her fiance immediately raced down three flights of stairs to see if he could help. 

Once there, he said, he found a crowd standing over a 6-year-old boy who had been pulled from the pool.

“I was able to do what I had to do to get the child a heartbeat,” the Army veteran said, noting that he could tell the child had been in serious trouble. 

"I looked in this kid's eyes and I've seen shock on a man's face before,” he added. “This kid had that look.”

Lamothe said she believes Mullen likely saved the boy’s life. 

“God forbid he didn't go down there, I don't know what would have happened,” she told WOFL. “That family probably wouldn't have had a son anymore.”

But Mullen said he was no hero. 

“The heroes are [the boy’s] brothers,” he said. “His brothers pulled him out of the water.” 

WOFL was not able to contact the family of the boy. Mullen and Lamothe said they heard he spent the night in the hospital but is expected to be OK.

Westgate Resorts sent WOFL a statement regarding the incident.

“All Westgate pools are marked with clearly visible signs that there are no lifeguards on duty and to swim at your own risk,” the statement read in part. “Fortunately, another guest witnessed the situation and took the necessary action to save the child.”

The whole thing is just a reminder that people enjoying pools where no lifeguard is present need to look out for each other, Mullen said. 

"If you see something going down, don't be afraid to jump in and help,” he added.

But it’s a reminder that one off-duty Florida firefighter didn’t need when, he too, saved a child with CPR at an Orlando pool earlier this year. 

In May, Shannon Bush of Lake County Fire Rescue was on vacation at an Orlando resort when a child was pulled from the bottom of the pool, WESH News reported at the time.

The child was initially unresponsive, but, just minutes after Bush began CPR, started moving again. 

The child, who was reported to be vacationing from Ohio, was taken to a local hospital and released the next day.

Sources: WOFL News, WESH News

Photo credit: Michael Napoleon/Flickr, WOFL News


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