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Army Vet Who Killed Dog On Video Takes Her Own Life (Photo)

An Army veteran reportedly took her own life less than a month after she was arrested for shooting and killing her service dog (video below).

Video shows Marinna Rollins, 23, and her boyfriend Jarren Heng, 25, in a wooded area with Rollins' dog. The animal was tied to a tree and Rollins can be seen on camera shooting the dog five times, according to the Daily Mail. Authorities believe the incident took place on either April 16 or 17.

"It's been real," says Rollins during the video. "I love you, you're my puppy, you're a good puppy, but..."

She then approaches the now-dead dog, picking him up and then shoving him over, according to WNCN.

"I love you, you’re a good dog," she says before covering him with a sheet.

Rollins' estranged husband, Matt Dyer, originally adopted the dog, a pit bull named Huey. Rollins had post-traumatic stress disorder from her time serving in South Korea, and Dyer himself was deployed to the area for a year. 

"I felt like her having to take care of Huey would be good for her and would be good for Huey," said Dyer.

Rollins had the dog certified to be an emotional support dog and she renamed him Camboui.

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Rollins and Heng told animal control officers they killed the dog because it cost $75 a week to feed and had some health issues.

A close friend of Rollins posted the video of the dog's death to Facebook, hoping the internet attention would lead to some sort of punishment, WNCN reports.

Rollins and Heng were arrested on felony charges of cruelty to animals. On May 7, Rollins was found dead at her home in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Authorities believe she died by suicide.

Animal rights advocates created a Facebook page titled "Justice for Cam"  to lobby for stricter animal cruelty laws.

"We want to make sure Camboui, and any other registered [Emotional Support Animal] will never have to be abused again," one post reads. "We are fighting for tougher laws on actually being able to register an ESA, so the system is not abused by the ESA recipient. We are also here trying to raise awareness to this horrible crime."

Another post points out that on the day of the incident, Rollins posted a photo of Camboui to her Facebook with the caption "Great last day with the pooch! Sad he has to go, but he will be much happier where he is heading off to."

Rollins was due back at the court house later in May with Heng. A protest is planned.

WARNING: This video contains extreme graphic content.

Sources: Daily Mail, WNCN, Justice for Cam / Photo credit: Andrew Smith/Flickr, Justice for Cam

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