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Army Reservist Shocked By Hateful Graffiti Covering Her Home (Video)

A military veteran woke up one morning to discover the outside of her home covered in hateful graffiti.

Cassie McEuen, an Army reservist who lives in Wyoming, was horrified when she walked outside to see what the vandals had done to her home (video below). Spray-painted messages read, “Die for what?” and “F*** the military.” It seemed clear the perpetrators targeted her for her service.

“I’ve been attacked, and the vandal can’t spell,” McEuen posted on Facebook along with pictures of the graffiti. “Apparently I’m a ‘soilder’ instead of soldier.”

Locals expressed outrage over the vandalism, and the mayor of the small town of Evanston, Wyoming, spoke out about the attack, reports Independent Journal Review.

“This makes no sense. It’s something we can’t get our minds around right now. I’m without words,” Mayor Kent Williams told KUTV. “It’s absolutely out of character for our little community. I’d like to believe we’re as patriotic as any community can be. This kind of thing just isn’t us.”

The community came together to support McEuen and help the young woman remove the graffiti from her home.

People from all over are reportedly trying to send donations to McEuen, but so far, she has declined, asking instead that donations be made to an organization that works with female veterans.

McEuen wrote on her Facebook page that she has no GoFundMe account and that she will be able to pay to have the house painted. “There is a donation fund for a reward to capture the vandal and once donations have met the limit of the reward the extra money collected will go to a charity I picked called Grace After Fire. The charity helps women veterans help themselves,” she wrote.

Sources: Independent Journal Review, KUTV

Photo Source: Screen Captures via Independent Journal Review


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