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Army Medic's Lover Accused Of Killing His Wife

In what news outlets are calling a grisly love triangle, Ailsa 'Lisa' Jackson, 24, was arrested on April 25 for allegedly murdering Cathy Walker, 38, the wife of her lover, 36-year-old Army medic Mike Walker.

Cathy had been inside the home she shared with her husband on the Aliamanu military reservation in Hawaii when she was murdered. She was found dead with her throat slashed the morning of Nov. 22. Mike was the one who found her body and he faced initial suspicion. He admitted that he and Cathy had fought the night before, but that he had been working at Tripler Army Medical Center at the time of her death.

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Cathy and Mike Walker

To friends, the Walkers had appeared to be a perfect couple. However, as the investigation unfolded, it was revealed that Mike had been having an affair with Jackson, who lived in the neighborhood. This development led to the arrest of Jackson after the case had gone unsolved for months.

Jackson was arrested in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she had recently moved — over 4,000 miles away from the crime scene. According to court documents, Jackson is considered a flight risk as well as a danger to the community and will remain in jail until extradition to Hawaii where she will face first-degree murder charges. Since the murder happened on a military base, federal prosecutors could seek the death penalty if Jackson is convicted.

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Ailsa 'Lisa' Jackson

Though Jackson’s arrest has come five months after Cathy’s murder, Cathy’s family as well as her best friend, who asked to remain anonymous, are relieved and grateful for the development in the case.

"In our hearts, we are just thankful that answers are coming," said the friend to Hawaii News Now, "This huge puzzle that has been in everyone's mind... the answers are being put together."

Mike is not considered a suspect in the stabbing, but investigators are looking into the possibility of him having prior knowledge of the crime.

Sources: Daily Mail, Hawaii News Now

Image source: Success Insiderr


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