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'You Would Want Him In Your Corner': People Come Forward To Support Green Beret Who Stood Up For Afghan Rape Victim

The U.S. Army recently came under fire after kicking out a decorated Green Beret, who served for 11 years, when he stood up to another military person.

The Green Beret's alleged crime was that he shoved an Afghan commander accused of raping a young boy, reports the Daily Mail.

During his second deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland was serving in the Kunduz Province when he learned police commander Abdul Rahman -- whom Martland had trained -- allegedly raped a 12-year-old boy.

Martland also discovered Rahman reportedly beat the boy’s mother when she reported her son’s sexual assault to authorities.

Martland approached his team leader, Daniel Quinn, about the issue and the two decided to confront the Afghan commander together about the rape.

"[Rahman] confessed to the crime and laughed about it, and said it wasn't a big deal. Even when we patiently explained how serious the charge was, he kept laughing," Quinn said, reports Fox News.

Then Martland and Quinn “shoved him to the ground,” according to the Daily Mail. While Rahman walked away only bruised, the incident brought much harsher consequences for the two Americans.

Martland and Quinn were reportedly punished by the Army, and their mission was immediately ended. The Army placed them in temporary jobs during an investigation. Finally, the two were sent home.

While Quinn left the military for a job on Wall Street, Martland stayed in the Army. In 2015, the Army conducted a "Qualitative Management Program" review and ordered Martland to be "involuntary discharged" from service by Nov. 1, 2015, Fox News reports.

Due to budget cuts, the Army is having to let people go; however, it is believed by many that the mark on his record from the incident is what prompted him to be chosen for discharge.

Since the Army’s decision, many have expressed their support for Martland.

"It's sad to think that a child rapist is put above one of our elite military operators. Sgt. Martland was left with no other choice but to intervene in a bad situation ... The Army should stand up for what's right and should not side with a corrupt Afghan police officer," Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter of California told Fox News.

Former NFL defensive end Tim Bulman, a childhood friend of Martland’s, also went on air to praise him.

"You would want him in your corner and protecting our freedom," Bulman told Fox News.

Sources: Daily Mail, Fox News

Photo credit: Fox News


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