Armed Witness May Have Saved Officer Being Beaten With Own Baton

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The Oklahoma City police officer who was beaten with his own baton by a burglary suspect may have had help by an armed witness.

Rookie police officer Adam Eller was involved in a foot chase on Tuesday afternoon on the northeast side of Oklahoma City with a burglary suspect.

Eller caught up to the suspect, Jermaine Williams, who managed to get ahold of the officer's baton and beat him on the head with the weapon, reports KFOR.

Williams reportedly hit Eller on the head somewhere between six and 12 times.

Eller suffered a head injury, but still managed to get up and take Williams into custody.

According to a report obtained by News 9, an armed witness may be the reason Eller did not suffer a more serious injury.

The witness, who has not been identified, reportedly approached Eller and Williams during the beating and drew his weapon. He told Williams to stop hitting Eller or he would shoot him.

Williams and his twin brother, Tremaine Williams, were both arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County jail on Tuesday night. Tremaine reportedly took part in the burglary but fled the scene before Eller and another officer, who later got separated from Eller during the chase, arrived. Williams faces charges of aggravated assault and battery on a police officer, assault with a dangerous weapon on a police officer, burglary in the second degree, and concealing stolen property. Tremaine has been charged with burglary in the second degree and concealing stolen property.

Eller was treated with serious injuries, but was released on Wednesday. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Sources: News 9, KFOR

Photo Credit: News 9


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