Armed Robbery Victim Lured By Facebook Friend


A Michigan man was robbed and shot when a girl he had met on Facebook lured him into an abandoned house where two men with guns awaited.

The man told police in Flint, Mich., that he had arranged a meeting Sunday with a juvenile girl he was “friends” with on Facebook, but had never met in person.

The girl walked him into an abandoned house, where two men stole his cell phone and cash at gunpoint. He was then shot in his left arm while grappling with one of the suspects. The suspect was shot in the arm and leg.

Police arrived and arrested the girl and one of the male suspects. They were both detained after being treated. The other suspect has not been located.

Facebook has been used to accomplish a wide range of crimes, from locating a hit man (luckily the “hit man” who took the bait was actually a detective) to stealing a pair of sneakers.

On the other hand, it’s also become a tool for law enforcement to catch criminals — a rapist was ensnared in South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach this month with the help of Facebook. Police identified the man and his victim through the social network.  

Sources: MLive, Switched, WBAL


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