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Armed Robber Shot, Sent Running After Holding Up An Off-Duty Police Officer

An armed robber in Temple Hills, Maryland was shot on Saturday morning while trying to hold up a man in front of his house. To the robber’s surprise, the would-be victim was not only armed himself but was a police officer returning home from his shift.

The robber is identified as 26 year old Ashley McCrae. Armed with a shotgun, McCrae approached the off-duty police officer at 4:15 am on Saturday morning. According to My Fox DC, she “made demands” to the officer and threatened him with the gun. The officer didn’t back down, though, and quickly pulled out his own gun on McCrae.

He shot McCrae at least one time, and she ran to her nearby car and fled the scene. The officer reported the hold up to authorities. Hours later, McCrae checked in to a Prince George’s County hospital with gunshot wounds. Prince George’s police officers were able to connect the dots and determined that it was the same woman who’d help up the police officer hours before.

McCrae was treated for non-life threatening gunshot wounds and was charged with attempted armed robbery upon her release. The police officer suffered no injuries from the incident and will not face any charges for his defensive actions. 

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