Armed Robber Bites Off More Than He Can Chew

65-year-old North Carolina resident Bruce Alan Weaver is being charged with armed robbery after he walked into a Pizza Hut recently, flashed a gun, and demanded the money in the register.

The robbery, which was ultimately a complete failure, took place on April 20.

After Weaver showed his gun and demanded the money, a ballsy Pizza Hut employee reportedly came out from behind the counter and stabbed Weaver in the back.

Weaver took off running with no money in hand.

“He obviously bled quite a bit,” Charlotte Police Chief Lisa Sherman said. “He left a great deal of blood evidence at the scene.”

Weaver’s bond has been set at $1 million. He is due for a preliminary court hearing on May 12.

Elsewhere in the failed armed robbery world, a Michigan man is reportedly on the loose after a similarly botched attempt to score some cash. The armed man walked into a gas station, pulled out his gun and demanded money. The clerk simply refused to hand any cash over, and the would-be robber went running. What a waste.

Sources: Lansing State Journal, Macomb Daily


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