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Cops Kill Armed Robber In Shootout (Video)

Footage of a shocking shootout between police and an armed robber that left one dead and an officer critically injured has gone viral (video below).

The incident occurred on June 7 at around 3 p.m., the Daily Mail reports. Witness Steve Outlaw captured the moment a shootout commenced between an armed robber and Baltimore County cops, and uploaded the video on Facebook.

Police said the suspect had robbed two people at a local shopping center before trying to flee on an MTA bus, The Baltimore Sun reported. When police stopped the bus, the suspect began shooting at them.

Outlaw was on the bus before the robber got on. Police had allegedly ordered for everyone to exit the bus. Outlaw appears to be lying on the ground for most of the video, which captured the broad-daylight shootout.

In the recording, the suspect is seen shooting at police with a pair of twin handguns from the front and rear doors of the bus. Officers are seen shooting back as civilians scramble for safety behind other vehicles.

Passersby can be heard screaming and punching holes in windows as the suspect and police exchange gunfire.

At one point, the criminal sprints from the rear doors while firing in both directions with his handguns. He hides behind a white van with two other people.

Outlaw eventually left the scene. Police said the suspect was shot dead minutes later.

The shootout left one female officer in critical condition, and one civilian injured. Neither victim has been identified at this time. Both were taken to area hospitals.

The suspect was shot dead on local resident Dave Barrett's lawn. Barrett was watching TV when the shootout started.

"I heard boom-boom-boom-boom-boom," Barrett told The Baltimore Sun. "You never want to hear that. By the time I came down, you could still see the smoke in the air from all the gunshots."

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz issued a statement praising police officers for their bravery.

"Like all of us in Baltimore County, my thoughts are with those who were injured in today's tragic active shooter incident in Dundalk," Kamenetz said. "After visiting our wounded police officer today, I am particularly grateful for the risk and sacrifice that all of our police officers undertake every day to protect us."

Outlaw's video quickly went viral on Facebook. The shocking footage was viewed more than 2.7 million times, and shared more than 50,000 times in less than one day.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Baltimore Sun, Steve Outlaw/Facebook / Photo credit: Derek Bridges/Flickr

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