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Armed Robber Kojek Mista Takes Burglary Break To Feed Crying Baby

One of the men who broke into an Indonesian home stopped mid-crime to care for and feed a crying baby in the residence.

Kojek Mista and four others, who were armed with guns, swords, knives and crowbars, busted into a home in Tangarang, which is 20 miles from Jakarta, the Indonesian capital.

The crooks tied up one housemaid in the residence and left another housemaid alone because she didn’t wake up during the intrusion.

Mrs. Fance Lewa, the home’s owner, screamed when she awoke and saw the criminals in her room. She quieted down when one of them pointed his gun at her.

Lewa was then tied up, but her baby boy woke up and began crying.

“I asked his mother how to make him stop crying,” Mista said. “She said he had to be fed with milk.”

Mista, a father himself, then mixed baby formula before feeding the child and rocking him in his arms until the baby fell asleep.

Jakarta police senior commander Herry Heryawan said Mista was unable to ignore his fatherly impulses and had to interrupt his crime to care for the baby.

“The mother said it should be made with two spoons of milk and warm water,” Mista stated.

“I gave it to the baby while cradling him. Not long after that, the baby fell asleep, so I put him in bed. I have a kid, so I know how to cradle a baby.”

Once the baby fell back asleep, the gang of robbers proceeded with the burglary. They stole a laptop, several smartphones, cash, jewelry and other items.

The thieves were arrested at a house in West Jakarta later, when police seized two motorcycles, a machete and a crowbar, among other items.

Although Mista showed his kind side to the baby, he and his accomplices face up to 10 years in prison.

Sources: Mail Online, The Inquisitr


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