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Stranger Saves Child During Armed Robbery (Video)

A woman in Iowa is being lauded as a heroine after she jumped in to saved a stranger's daughter from harm during an armed robbery (video below).

Amazing Styles & Beauty Supply owner Mamie Ugwuanyi was out of her 7-year-old daughter’s reach when the robber broke in, KCCI reports.

But the daughter, Victoria, was near one of the store's customers, Heather Correy, who the robber had just thrown to the ground.

Spotting the child to the left of her, she said that's when her maternal instincts kicked in.

"I just thought she needed someone to cover her," said Correy.

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Throwing her body over the child to hide her, she acted as a human shield, protecting Victoria from getting hurt.

Luckily, all three survived.

Since then, both the mother and daughter have met with Correy in person and thanked her.

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"She is my heart -- a blessing to me," said Ugwuanyi. "Being protected by another mother ... it touched me a lot."

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The smiling young girl also shyly expressed her appreciation, saying "thanks for saving me" to Correy.

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Ugwuanyi says it has since inspired her to do more for others as well.

But Correy says she was just doing what any mother would do in that situation.

"It was scary but I felt a need to do that," she said.

The heartwarming story is just one of many in which strangers have risked their lives for children.

In 2013, Rowan O’Neill of Australia saved a little girl's life using CPR, The Huffington Post reports.

O’Neill was shopping at a grocery store in Perth when the child's panicky mother, Amy Collard, brought the girl over to a checkout counter, explaining her daughter was unconscious.

“I jammed my finger into her throat, and pulled her mouth open,” O'Neill said. “We just started giving CPR, short small breaths because she’s only got little lungs. Eventually, you just saw the flicker come back into her eyes.”

Like Correy, he doesn't see himself as a hero.

“Like I said to a few other people, I was just there ... it just had to be dealt with," he said.

Sources: KCCI/YouTube, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: KCCI/YouTube

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