Armed Pro-Gun Protesters to Hand Out Candy to Kids


The pro-gun group "Gun Rights Across America" is calling on gun owners to arm themselves and “pass out candy or lemonade to the kids riding their bikes, and playing in the neighborhoods."

The “Guns Next Door" event is planned for October 19. The candy request was made on the group's Facebook page along with: “We want you to strap on a holstered handgun to your hip, and give one hour of your day to making our presence as law abiding gun owners known. This is a family event too. Feel free to strap on a plastic red gun onto your children as well."

Interestingly, the pro-gun group also included a legal disclaimer, suggesting that local laws may be broken by their own participants: "Gun Rights Across America is not responsible for any laws that are broken as a result of this event."

Eric Reed, the Gun Rights Across America founder, told the Eagle-Tribune: "This is a rally with a twist. People will see armed Americans outside their homes with signs everywhere they look."

Reed formed Gun Rights Across America last year after the Newtown, Connecticut school shootings, while most of the nation was in mourning over the mass murder of 20 students by an armed gun man.

He was upset that President Obama called for expanded background checks, which 90 percent of Americans support, as reported by The Washington Post. In a poll by the New England Journal of Medicine, 74 percent of NRA members also support expanded background checks.

“That just angered me. I decided if I’m not part of the solution, I’m part of the problem,” added Reed.

Sources: New England Journal of Medicine, The Washington Post, Eagle-Tribune,Facebook


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