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Armed Oregon Militia Member Said He Would Rather Die Than Be Arrested (Video)

LaVoy Finicum, one of the armed militia members occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Princeton, Oregon, indicated on Jan. 5 that he was willing to die before being taken into custody by law enforcement (video below).

“I have been raised in the country all my life,” Finicum told MSNBC. “I love dearly to feel the wind on my face. To see the sun rise, to see the moon in the night. I have no intention of spending any of my days in a concrete box."

Finicum then lectured law enforcement on not pointing guns at people.

When an MSNBC reporter asked him if it was better to be dead than in a prison cell, Finicum replied, "Absolutely, dude. Would you like to be in a cell? Nobody wants to live their life in a cell. Absolutely, I'm not going to live my life in a cell."

Finicum then explained how he was willing to die because the federal government has power over county and local governments, but didn't mention that is because of the U.S. Constitution's Supremacy Clause.

Joe Oshaugnessy, a supporter of the militiamen, noted on Facebook on Jan. 5 that if the federal government turns off power to refuge as it has indicated it would, the action would harm women and children there.

Oshaugnessy wrote: "Just a quick reminder if they do shut down the electricity to the facility. They will be shutting off the heat to woman and children who are also at the refuge, With temperatures of -16 in the area let's pray they don't. GOD & Country."

BBC News reports that while children came along with the militiamen, the armed ranchers said the kids were visitors who were not staying at the refuge.

Sources: MSNBC/YouTube, Facebook, BBC News / Photo credit: MSNBC Screenshot

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