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Armed Residents Rush To Neighbor's Aid, Catch Home Intruder (Video)

During the morning hours of May 10, a 52-year-old woman woke up to find a strange man in her Ypsilanti, Michigan, home. She began screaming and he left the house. The 47-year-old man tried to flee in the woman’s car, but she reportedly jumped in with him and hit the car horn. 

Armed neighbors came out to help the woman and pulled the man out of the car and held him until the police came. According to neighbors (video below), the strange man had already loaded some stolen items into the vehicle.

A neighbor who had a kitchen knife told WJBK: "I think she's amazing, ferocious and brave … don't think he was expecting to be challenged in what he was doing. And I am very inspired by her.

"It was nice to see that if a neighbor is screaming in the middle of the night and hitting her horn, that there are people who will respond," the neighbor added.

One person even brought a sword to help.

Ypsilanti Police Lt. Deric Gress said: "Although we don't promote taking these kinds of risk, these neighbors had the courage to step up and help a fellow neighbor. It takes a partnership of law enforcement, and the involvement of the community to make a difference in the city's quality of life.”

The man has since been taken to jail.

Sources: WJBK, MLive

Image via Mike Nelson/Flickr, MyFoxDetroit


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