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Armed Naked Man Charged With Criminal Mischief After Rampage In Houston (Video)

A naked man carrying a shotgun was arrested on Sunday afternoon in the Houston Galleria area after going on a rampage, trashing a convenience store and breaking a number of car windows, police said.

According to ABC13 Houston, Ugo Iyegbu, 18, started his rampage around noon on Sunday after a brief dispute with the clerk over paying before pumping gas. Iyegbu reportedly smashed the coffee dispenser after hitting the lottery machine, and the clerk couldn’t do anything but stand there and watch.

In a second surveillance camera, Iyegbu is seen knocking over the snack stand.

There was a third camera outside that shows Iyegbu using a shotgun to damage the car of an innocent bystander, police said.

Police also say he drove his car across the street to the W Luxury Car Rentals where Iyegbu takes off all his clothes, and began damaging luxury cars in the nude. Six cars in total were destroyed, including a white Lamborghini and a Mercedez Benz, ABC13 reported.

"The naked man (was) running around in the street breaking cars," the store manager of the luxury car rental business told the Houston Chronicle. "He looked normal but I am sure he was on something."

Prosecutors told ABC13 that Iyegbu's meltdown caused $100,000-$200,000 in damages by hitting the cars hard with the butt of a shotgun.

The destructive rampage finally ended when officers were able to talk the suspect down off one of the luxury cars.

Iyegbu has been charged with felony criminal mischief. He remains in police custody on a $10,000 bond.


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