Armed Michigan Group Protests Immigrant Children (Video)


Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement (MICE) protested this week in Vassar, Michigan, with assault weapons and anti-immigrant signs.

The protesters are angry that some of the undocumented child immigrants that have come into the U.S. through Texas may be housed in the small Michigan town, which is 90 miles north of Detroit (video below).

More than 50 protesters waved American flags, chanted anti-immigrant slogans, prayed and sang “God Bless America.”

Some carried AR-15 rifles and handguns, “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and “Second American Revolution” flags.

According to My Fox Detroit, there was a city application made by Wolverine Human Services to temporarily house up to 120 undocumented teens from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala for two to four weeks.

The children would get immunizations and basic education, and would eventually be reunited with relatives or go into foster care until their case comes up in immigration court.

City leaders refuse to take sides in the humanitarian crisis, but are reviewing the application to make sure that housing undocumented immigrants is legal.

“We’re not against kids,” march organizer Tamyra Murray told “We have sympathy for the kids being used and exploited by the feds.”

However, the "feds" are actually following U.S. law, which requires the U.S. government to provide shelter for unaccompanied minors from non-bordering countries.

Murray also claimed that some of the children are gang members and drug runners, while others are coughing up blood and have tuberculosis.

Murray provided no proof of her claims, except to say that said she has friends along the Mexican border.

“We don’t have no say. Obama’s gotta go,” said local pizza owner Scott Freeman, who made no mention of President Obama following U.S. law on unaccompanied minor immigrants.

Jeff McQueen, who designed the “Second American Revolution” flags, stated, "Not in my backyard. These kids are here illegally. Obama has ignored us. He’s calling illegal immigrants undocumented immigrants. It’s like calling drug dealers undocumented pharmacists. That’s anarchy."

Sources: MLive.comMy Fox Detroit


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