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Armed Men Shut Down Gas Station, No Arrests (Video)

At least five men carrying rifles and shotguns allegedly shut down an Exxon gas station in Dallas on June 24 when they entered and ordered people out, but police did not make any arrests (video below).

"Y’all allow y’all’s employees to pull guns on customers, you’ll aren’t gonna have no customers," one of the armed men said in a video of the incident, reports KTVT.

One of the armed men said an employee pulled a gun on him and his wife on June 23. When authorities refused to arrest that employee, the man and his armed buddies decided to show up to the store.

Upon arrival, the men demanded to speak to the manager, Ayaz Arien, who pretended to be an employee.

"Very, very scary," Arien recalled. "When I saw the gun, I said, ‘No I’m not the manager.' I went inside the office. I called the police."

But when officers arrived, they refused to charge the armed men because no specific threats were made, and they were legally allowed to carry their firearms.

"They’re allowed to have long guns in their hands as long as they’re not holding them in a threatening manner," ex-cop and lawyer Pete Schulte told the news station. "I’m not seeing that right now."

"I didn’t hear any threats that were made to the management or the staff," Schulte added. "Their conduct was lawful until they’re told to leave."

Because Arien didn't want confrontation, it is unclear if the armed men were asked to leave 

The police listened to the complaints of the armed men and spoke with the gas station's owner before removing them from the property.

A Dallas Police spokesperson said an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The manager said the clerk whom the armed men complained about lost her job, but she did not confirm if she pulled a gun on the customers.

There were mixed reactions to the incident on KTVT's Facebook:

How funny, I have seen news and photos of armed white men walking in to the state capital, stores, restaurants and second amendment open carry people were all "Yippie" but this and suddenly it's "this ain't legal."

What was the point.....I never got that carry is legal.... .but threats now is a terrorist act....if they have the right to walk in with guns....then have a right to by a coke from a gas station. ...they have no right to kick me out....only the owner of the store.

Open carry now yall are whinning....but if it was a diffrent race it would be okay....

Sources: KTVT, KTVT/Facebook / Photo Credit: KTVTvia SanVic/YouTube

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