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Armed Man Pretends to be FBI Agent, Tries to Arrest Alabama Mayor (Video)

Bobby Beck was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly pretending to be an FBI agent and trying to arrest Weaver, Alabama Mayor Wayne Willis.

According to police, Beck, 59, walked into City Hall wearing a security badge and a handgun on his belt. However, he was told that the mayor was not available. In response, Beck told a city employee that he would come back later to arrest Mayor Willis.

The bizarre incident was recorded on surveillance video and a bystander gave police a partial license plate number from Beck's car, reports (video below).

Within an hour, police searched Beck’s home in Anniston, Alabama, where they reportedly found a handgun, handcuffs and a security badge.

Weaver Police Chief Wayne Bush claimed that Beck wanted to arrest Mayor Willis for working part-time as mayor, which Beck believed was illegal.

Beck has been charged with impersonating a police officer, making a terrorist threat and carrying a handgun without a permit.

Mayor Willis does not know Beck, but thought it might be a prank by a friend.

“Then Wayne [Bush] showed me the video, and I realized I didn’t know who he was,” Mayor Willis told The Anniston Star. “I knew then it was serious.”

Beck allegedly told police that he would have shot Mayor Willis if he did not come with him to an undisclosed location.

“Even in small town America, we have to worry about these concerns,” added Mayor Willis. “I’m not so much worried about my own safety, but for the safety of my employees.”

According to, the Weaver Police Department noted on their Facebook page: "Beck is at the county bed & breakfast, and Calhoun county is currently working to insure his mental welfare. A mental hold has been placed on him. All of his weapons have been seized by Weaver PD.”

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