Armed Gun Rights Group Marches in Black Neighborhood, Residents Call Police (Video)


The gun group "The Right To Bear Arms Richmond, Virginia" recently marched through Creighton Court, a mostly black community in Richmond, Va., while carrying rifles and handguns.

Residents of the neighborhood became alarmed and called the police.

Six officers responded and were filmed by the group's spokesman Jason Spitzer, who was wearing a body camera, noted (video below).

Spitzer told the Richmond police that "The Right To Bear Arms-Richmond" was trying to "educate" the public.

A police officer tells the group that he wants to check their guns and adds, "It is illegal to carry a loaded shotgun or rifle in the city of Richmond."

"The Right To Bear Arms-Richmond" member Reggie Bowles III reportedly told the officer that his AR-15 was a "pistol," to which the officer responded, "It looks like a rifle to me."

Bowles asked for the officer's badge number and name, which were on his uniform.

Spitzer told police that they were exercising their First Amendment rights, but a fellow open carry demonstrator stated off-camera, “Second Amendment, you idiot, not the First!”

After the officers checked the group's guns, the gun advocates were released. Bowles looked into the camera and bragged about how he dealt with the police.

According to the "The Right To Bear Arms Richmond, Virginia" Facebook page, the comments from the public were negative:

I get the point. Most people do. However, I do not appreciate the calls your "demonstration" will generate. Your actions will take our fine Richmond Police Officers away from the job they need to perform in our community. The four Officers shown in this photo responding to a 911 call because of you had far better things to do.

You folks are a bunch of f------ morons embarrassing the entire country.

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