Armed Grandfather Jerry Waller Shot by Police in His Garage (Video)

Kathy Waller says her 72-year-old husband Jerry Waller was shot by "trigger-happy" police in the garage of their Fort Worth, Texas home (video below).

Police were responding to a burglary call across the street at around 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Jerry grabbed his .38-caliber handgun and went downstairs. Moments later, Kathy heard six gunshots after he opened their garage door.

“Married 46 years, and, you know, somebody gets a little trigger-happy and away they go,” Kathy Waller told WFAA-TV.

According to the Dallas News, police said in a statement that two police officers were “engaged by an adult male armed with a handgun.” The police claim they shot Jerry in fear for their safety. The senior died at the scene.

“Policies and procedures were followed,” Cpl. Tracey Knight, told the Star-Telegram. “Officers are taught when they go to a call to survey the entire landscape and not just the small area of where the call is.”

Sources: WFAA-TV, Dallas News, Star-Telegram


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