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'I See Blood And This Big Old Knife': Armed Georgia Residents Save Elderly Man's Life


Two armed Georgia residents saved an elderly man’s life after hearing his cries for help.

Karen Duncan said she was walking up her friend’s driveway in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on Dec. 7 when she heard the elderly man begging for help, FOX reported.

“Help, he is trying to kill me, help me, help me,” the elderly man yelled, Duncan told FOX. An attacker had entered the man’s home and was reportedly about to take his life.

“She kind of started running towards the house,” Duncan’s friend, Ron Childress, a former law enforcement officer, said. “I could tell something was wrong and she hit the doorbell in a panic."

When Childress opened the door, he also heard the elderly man yelling.

Duncan then reportedly grabbed her purse and went running off to find the elderly man. Inside her purse was a gun.

“As I got closer I realized that there is this elderly gentleman laying on the ground with a younger man on top of him with a knife,” Duncan said. “I see blood and this big old knife."

The younger man was allegedly attempting to stab the 90-year-old.

Duncan told the man to stop but he did not listen.

“Finally I said, 'I'm getting ready to shoot you' and then he stopped and he looked at me and he tossed the knife away,” Duncan said.

Childress was behind her the entire time.

“I said, 'Put your arms out, put your legs out, and stay right where you are,'" Childress said. "'Do not move.'" 

Duncan called 911 while Childress held the attacker at gunpoint.

If Duncan hadn’t shown up when she did, Childress said, the elderly man probably would have died.

“You cannot protect everybody,” he said. “Police can't do it; they're good after the fact, but they're no good to you when it happens generally. They're not going to be there so you need to be ready to protect yourself and others because what happened yesterday is a perfect example of how a citizen can protect other citizens.”

Sources: FOX, Daily Mail / Photo credit: FOX

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