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Armed Citizens Project Expanding Gun Distribution Program To Texas And Florida

The Armed Citizens Project is expanding its Redistribution of Firepower Program to Texas and Florida with hopes of providing guns and training to background-checked, high-vulnerability Americans such as single women and the urban poor.

The project buys back guns from those that have too many firearms to use and spreads them around so that a higher percentage of households are armed.

“We’ve combined Joe Biden’s love of shotguns with Obama’s love of redistribution,” Armed Citizen Project Executive Director Kyle Coplen told The Daily Caller. “At some point, you’ve earned too many guns.”

If the gun’s donor has someone specific in mind to receive the weapon and training they will receive an “Empowerment Scholarship” to be redeemed by a loved one. “We all know a single mom or widow, or retiree who would benefit from being trained and armed with a free pump-action shotgun,” Coplen said. “The Armed Citizen Project is fighting the liberal war on women … one free shotgun at a time.”

After operating only in Tucson, Ariz., the project is now expanding to Texas and Florida, but Coplen says they have bigger goals in mind: “In less than six months, we’re in 15 cities. Our 5-year-goal is to be in every mid to major U.S. city.”

Coplen also says he wants to help arm and train a group of grandmothers who organized a “Glock block” in their Oregon neighborhood.

Aug. 10 marks the group’s inaugural National Empowerment Day and they hope to arm and train 500 people nationally, including 100 citizens of Houston on that date.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Armed Citizens Project


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