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"Armed Citizen" Blog Re-Launches; Self-Defense Site Rebounds From Lawsuit

The Armed Citizen is back online!, the premiere website for chronicling civilian defensive gun use re-launched on New Year’s Day following five months of down time. 

The site, founded by historian and author Clayton Cramer, fell prey to a frivolous lawsuit from a company known as Righthaven, a legal firm which partners with online newspapers to sue blogs that rebroadcast stories or images from the publications.

“It’s basically legal extortion,” said co-blogger David Burnett. “They print their stories online with all kinds of buttons inviting you to share the story on the web. If you repost  the story with a link, they sue and you have to pay them money to make it go away.”

Cramer and Burnett settled the lawsuit, and Burnett assumed control of the website expansion. The revised blog adds custom graphics and a new interface to the blog’s original format, which documents stories of lawfully-armed citizens who use firearms to save lives and stop crime. The site also features videos and other self-defense and firearms-related headlines.

“These stories are vital to defending the right to bear arms,” Burnett stated. “Owning guns is more than just a right. When a criminal with a gun is banging on your door and the police are minutes away, you need more than a phone to defend yourself.”

| - The Armed Citizen is the largest archive of defensive gun use stories on the internet. for the latest!


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