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Armed Burglars Leave Empty-Handed After Targeting Wrong House, Police Say

Two armed burglars who entered a Florida home early Jan. 18 left with nothing, leading police to suspect they chose the wrong home.

An unidentified woman told local broadcaster WKMG how her family was woken up by the incident.

The masked men knocked at the door of the residence, pushing past the woman when she came to see who was there.

“You know what we are here for,” one of them allegedly told the woman, according to WKMG.

“They terrorized us, and I was like, ‘Please do not kill me. Please don’t kill me. I am a mother,'” the woman told the news station.

She was forced to wake up her 11-year-old and 17-year-old children. According to her, one of the burglars even threatened to kill the 11-year-old.

But after some time, the pair withdrew from the property empty-handed, and nobody suffered any injuries.

“I heard the one in the kitchen whisper something, and then they started to back out with the gun on me, and he said, ‘Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me,' and I was like, ‘I’m not’,” she said.

“I pray to God that he picks you guys up and locks you up,” she added. “But you live by the gun and die by the gun. God says that.”

Police are still looking for the suspects, who drove away in a grey Chevrolet impala. They were wearing dark clothing and masks.

The incident took place just days after an Alabama burglar was detained by deputies for forcing his way into the wrong house in Heflin Jan. 14.

In that incident, the armed man kicked the door down at a property and began screaming for a woman, reported. She turned out not to be present at the property and the family which did live there were not able to understand him since they do not speak English.

The man, later identified as Joey Brown, pistol-whipped the occupants and took some items from the home, including a flat screen television and an accordion.

His vehicle was later tracked down by police and he was booked into jail on a charge of first degree burglary.

Sources: WKMG, / Photo credit: Scott Davidson/Wikipedia, Shutterstock via RawStory

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