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Armed Bounty Hunters Storm Fancy Miami Beach Gym (Video)

The David Barton Gym in Miami Beach, Florida, was invaded by bail bondsmen who waved loaded guns and searched the men's showers for a fugitive on Tuesday night (video below).

Six to eight bounty hunters busted into the locker rooms with guns and bullet proof TAC vests, witnesses told CBS Miami.

The bounty hunters did not explain why they were at the gym until after they scared the members. Amazingly, it was all legal under Florida law where bounty hunters have more legal rights than the police.

“They work under whole different set of rules than police,” explained Sgt. Bobby Hernandez with the Miami Beach Police Department. “They can go into third party residences or this case a gym and take custody of the subject, but a police officer can’t go into a private establishment, a private home without a warrant.”

While the bounty hunters were eager to intimidate people at the gym, they refused to speak to CBS Miami about their strong-arm tactics - which failed to result in a capture.

However, the David Barton Gym did release a statement condemning the bail bondsmen: “They simply ignored our normal security measures, including the building security guard on duty. We feel that they put our members and staff at risk needlessly.

"As always, we are indebted to our wonderful staff who maintained calm and did what they could without incurring further incident to themselves or our members.  And we are grateful to our loyal members who realize that this kind of incident is not a reflection of our organization or those who enjoy our services. This was a situation over which we had no control.”

Source: CBS Miami


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