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Armed Black Panthers Protest Outside Jail Where Sandra Bland Died (Video)

Members of the New Black Panthers, some of them armed, protested outside of the Waller County Jail in Hempstead, Texas, today (video below).

Sandra Bland died on July 13 in the jail from a purported suicide, although her family denies that story. An investigation is ongoing.

About 25 Black Panthers protested today for what they called "crimes against black people" for nearly two hours, reports the Houston Chronicle.

"Sandra Bland didn't have to be here," one of the Black Panthers stated, noted KHOU. "America allowed this to happen."

According to, the New Black Panthers chanted, "Oink oink… Bang bang!”

The protesters also yelled, "All power to the people!" and "Too black, too strong" as armed police on horseback walked between them and the jail.

There were about seventy-five deputies from Harris County (Houston) assisting Waller County deputies, reports.

The demonstrators also chanted, "The revolution has come ... Off the pigs!" and "No more pigs in our community .. Off the pigs!"

Hannah Adair Bonner, an ordained minister, tweeted that activist Dewayne Charleston had been arrested this morning for trying lower the jail flag to half-mast to honor Bland. Charleston is now in the Waller County Jail.

Bonner was told to "go back to the church of Satan that you run" by Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith on Monday.

KHOU reports that Smith apologized today, and claimed he got caught up in the heat of the moment, however, Bonner was calm and polite during the exchange.

Sources: Houston Chronicle, KHOU,, Twitter / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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