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Armed Agents Raid Animal Shelter for Sick Deer, Kill Animal (Video)

Armed agents recently raided an animal shelter in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The agents were from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and they had put the shelter under surveillance.

They were not searching the Society of St. Francis shelter for drugs or weapons, but rather a sick baby deer that was scheduled to be sent to an animal shelter in Illinois the next day to be cared for.

However, that never happened. Agents rounded up employees, held them under guard, found the deer, tossed the animal in a bag and took it away to be put down.

"It was like a SWAT team," shelter employee Ray Schulze told WISN 12 News. "Nine DNR agents and four deputy sheriffs, and they were all armed to the teeth."

Apparently it is illegal to possess wildlife in Wisconsin, so the shelter was raided and the deer was killed two weeks ago, after an anonymous phone call to authorities.

Jennifer Niemeyer, Warden Supervisor of the DNR, told WISN 12 News that the law requires DNR agents to euthanize animals such as [the deer] because of the potential of disease and danger to humans.

When asked about the armed agents, Niemeyer quickly compared the legal animal shelter to a criminal drug ring: "If the sheriff's department is going in to do a search warrant on a drug bust, they don't call them and ask them to voluntarily surrender their marijuana or whatever drugs they have before they show up."

Source: WISN 12 News


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