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Armed Afghan Woman Goes Out In Blaze Of Glory By Shooting 4 Taliban Militants

An Afghan woman in the Nuristan province allegedly killed four Taliban militants last Friday before ultimately dying herself.

The woman, identified only as Uzra, killed the attackers while defending herself and her child in the district of Barg-i-Matal, which borders Pakistan.

"At least 300 Taliban insurgents attacked Pichigram village located near Barg-i-Matal district two days back, torching houses and gardens there in the area but they were not succeeded to take control of the areas as they were faced with public uprising," Hafiz Abdul Qayyum, the governor of Nuristan, told the Afghanistan Times.

Locals say the woman armed herself after losing some family members during the Taliban’s attacks.

"The woman shot dead four Taliban after the Taliban militants killed an Afghan security force in public," the governor added. "The woman fought for four hours with the Taliban and was later killed by the Taliban."

According to the governor, the uprising was supported and coordinated by the Afghan security forces, which defeated the Taliban after reaching the area and attacked the militants, the newspaper reports.

Governor Qayyum said at least 15 Taliban militants, seven civilians and four policemen were killed as a result of the attack.

Sources: TOLOnewsAfghanistan Times


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