For Arm Wrestling World Champ, A Childhood Disability Became His Greatest Advantage


The world of competitive arm wrestling has a new superstar.

Matthias Schlitte of Germany was born with his right arm 33% bigger than his left, and, as a result, suffered problems as a child.

Now, however, he has managed to turn his childhood disability into, as Metro reports, a “weapon of dominance.”

The 27-year-old German has won the last 14 arm wrestling world championships and is now a star all over the world.

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Along the way, he has earned himself nicknames such as “Hell Boy” and “Popeye.”

In addition to his sports fame, he has also made regular appearance on TV shows and commercials.

“Everyone has a challenge in life,” Schlitte said. “I’m not a religious guy or anything but this was a gift from a higher power and this way my calling in life.”

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Sources: Metro, ESPN

Photo Sources: Metro, ESPN


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