Arlington Officer Rescues Pit Bull from Being Put Down


Jeffrey the pit bull has a lot to be thankful for, whether he knows it or not. Just yesterday, Sgt. Gary Carter of Arlington, Va. decided to adopt the rather problematic dog after hearing that the canine was placed on the urgent list by a local animal shelter.

"The urgent list means that at any time they could be humanely euthanized because we don't have any more space to bring in any more animals," said Ray Rentschler, of animal services, according to WFAA.

You may remember Sgt. Gary Carter of Arlington, Va. from a series of photos that went viral last week in which the officer was playing with Jeffrey the dog. He responded after neighbors of the dog's owner called the police complaining of Jeffrey's aggressive behavior.

Apparently Jeffrey had escaped from his owner and was scaring local residents. Sgt. Carter arrived on the scene to find Jeffrey playful and cooperative. He promptly returned the pup to its owner.

Recently, though, after Jeffrey escaped a second time, his owner decided that the dog was too much for him to handle and gave him up for adoption. Unfortunately, Jeffrey's track record preceded him, and no one was willing to take the unruly dog in.

After hearing the dog was on the urgent list, Sgt. Gary Carter came to the dog's rescue for a second time.

"We just kind of kept running into each other," he said. "So, it's just one of those deals where I decided that it was better if I took him home."

Luckily, Sgt. Carter will not have to deal with the unpredictable Jeffrey that gave his old owner so much trouble. International K-9, an organization responsible for training elite police dogs, has agreed to train Jeffrey free of charge. By the time Jeffrey is living with Sgt. Carter, there is a good chance he will be the best behaved dog in the neighborhood.

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