Arkansas Woman Saved By Her Pit Bull During Assault


Arkansas woman Millie Fiser's pit bull came to the rescue Saturday after a man demanded money from her.

Fiser was picking up trash outside her Little Rock home when a man pushed her to the ground and demanded cash.

"I didn't see or hear anything behind me," Fiser said. "The next thing, I just got a real hard shove.”

Fiser called for her 12-year-old pit bull, Champ, who came tearing around the corner and began barking at the assailant. The robber, scared, ditched the burglary attempt and ran down the street in fear.

Champ then laid down with Fiser to keep her warm until help arrived.

Thanks to Champ, who is known by neighbors as a gentle giant, Fiser walked away with only a sore shoulder and a few minor bruises.

"I know that he would literally die for me,” Fiser said. “This is a real good example that he will always be right there for me -- always, always.”

Fiser believes the attempted robbery was a random act of desperation, and that had Champ not rescued her, the situation would have been worse.

Little Rock police have not made an arrest.

Sources: The Huffington Post, KATV


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