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'That Was A Cruel Thing To Do': Student Posts Photo Of Teacher Who Fainted On Facebook (Photo)

An Arkansas junior high school has suspended a student for snapping a cellphone photo of her teacher, who is believed to have fainted, and posting the picture to Facebook. 

“What's wrong with our teacher?” the unnamed student at East Junior High, in West Memphis, wrote as a caption for the photo, according to WMC News. 

The school district said the male teacher had suffered a medical emergency and had fainted. 

The girl reportedly claimed the teacher was sleeping and was taking pills in class — a claim the school says is untrue. 

Parents who spoke with WMC outside the school on Tuesday said the girl shouldn’t have posted the photo. 

"That was a cruel thing to do,” said one unnamed parent.

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Students seemed to agree. One student there, Jonathan Nering, said he thought the girl should have stopped to see if she could help the teacher. 

“Don't take a picture and make fun of him,” he said. 

Alasia Perkins said she had just walked into class as the photo was being taken.

“They said he dead. I ain't know what happened,” she told WMC. “I walked in and I asked him was he all right. He said he was fine.”

The school told WMC the student was suspended for three days because she used her phone in class, posted the photo to Facebook, and made the false claim about the pills. 

The girl’s mother could not be reached by WMC, but she did post a message to Facebook herself. 

“They said they suspended my baby for posting a picture of her teacher asleep on the floor at the school,” she wrote. 

It’s certainly not the first time a student has been suspended for a social media post. 

WMC reported in March that three students at a Memphis, Tennessee, middle school had been suspended for circulating a copy of a teacher’s arrest photo on Instagram. 

The teacher had reportedly been arrested for driving with a suspended license. 

District officials initially cited a school policy regarding “inappropriate use of electronic media” as justification for the suspensions. They later overturned the disciplinary actions after parents complained that the children shouldn’t be disciplined for sharing something that is public record. 

But West Memphis students seemed to understand this case might be different.

“I think the student shouldn't be having phones out at school because it's a rule,” one unnamed student said. 

Another student, Keevon Quarrels, said the girl was just inconsiderate. 

“If one of her family members passed out, she wouldn't want to have them on the news, I mean, Facebook,” he said. 

School officials in West Memphis said the teacher is expected to be OK. 

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Photo Credit: Facebook photo via WMC News,


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