Arkansas Shooting Leaves Shooter, Three Victims Dead

A shooting in Arkansas over the weekend left four people dead -- including the shooter -- and critically injured several others. Police confirm that the shooter, Porfirio Hernandez, 40, was released from a mental health institution just days before the shooting.

On Saturday afternoon, Hernandez walked into a home in Jonesboro, Arkansas and opened fire. Police say Hernandez was acquaintances with the residents of the home. Hernandez fired off a number of rounds from a .357 handgun inside the home, killing a 38-year-old man and a 13-year-old girl. Four other people in the home were wounded.

After shooting up the home, Hernandez left in search of more victims. A 31-year-old man was later found dead just a few miles up the road from the first house. Police confirm the man was killed by Hernandez as well.

Moments later, Jonesboro police received a report of a car matching the shooter’s pulled over on a nearby rural road. When police arrived, they found Hernandez dead inside. Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates says Hernandez died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Police are not sure as of right now how Porfirio managed to obtain a gun or what his motive was in the shooting. As stated before, he checked out of a mental health hospital just a few days ago. It’s illegal to own a firearm in Arkansas if you have ever been involuntarily committed to a mental health institution.

Four people remain at the hospital being treated for gunshot wounds. A 43-year-old man, a 36-year-old woman, and an 8-year-old boy are all in critical condition. A 10-year-old boy is in stable condition.

Sources: Reuters, Latin Post


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