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Arkansas Police Officer Fired Taser At Woman Because She Wouldn't Show Him Her Breasts

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An Arkansas woman has filed a lawsuit against a police officer in a federal court, claiming she was unjustly chased by the officer through her workplace simply because she would not show him her breasts.

The woman, Ashlea Bennett, claims police officer Brandon Carter “demanded that she expose her breasts to him” when he showed up at her workplace in his police uniform. When the woman did not comply, he chased her throughout the workplace and even fired his taser gun at her. 

Bennett is suing the City of Haskell for Officer Carter’s alleged abuse, “seeking compensatory and punitive damages for constitutional and civil rights violations, assault, failure to train and supervise, negligent supervision and outrage,” according to Courthouse News.

“Upon [Bennett]’s refusal, Carter drew his City of Haskell-issued electroshock Taser weapon from his utility belt, pointed the weapon at plaintiff, and threatened to deploy the same against her if she would not expose her breasts to him.” 

The suit goes on to claim that Carter eventually fired that Taser “numerous times” in order to scare Bennett. 

Bennett also claimed that Carter’s sexual abuse was a regular occurrence, although this was the first time it escalated to such a physical altercation. The relationship between Carter and Bennett has not been clarified by the courts. 


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