Arkansas Owner Of Animal Rescue Shelter Arrested For Bestiality

An Arkansas community and animal rescue community are in shock after Pope County Sherrif’s Department arrested 32-year-old Jonathan Ford of Hattieville, Arkansas.

Ford is accused of having sex with the dogs at the rescue shelter he runs. People close to Ford say he was running a rescue shelter called I Love Lucy Pet Rescue outside of Hattieville.

One neighbor, Annette Williams, who works at a grocery store, was in disbelief. She told Local Memphis, “I was shocked because I didn’t know it was happening,” referring to Ford’s alleged crime.

Williams, who calls herself a "dog person," says stray dogs are a problem in the county. “They have issues to begin with and to think that someone would show them kindness for a little bit and mistreat them again, that’s more than I can think of,” Williams said. She says hopes that Ford will pay for any crime he may have committed. “I am glad it came to light and hopefully it won’t ever happen again.”

Ford had been acting solely as his own rescue organization. “We kind of stay away from people like that, so we didn’t really get into his business and into his rescue,” said Clarissa Riedmueller, the owner of KC Pet Rescue in Morrilton, Arkansas. Ford had contacted her twice in the last six months. She told THV11 Ford had asked her to take in some of her rescued dogs.

“He actually comes across as a different person,” Riedmueller said. "He was always out to get any kind of dog very quickly. He didn't ask a lot of the normal rescue questions that we would, what's their temperament, things like that,” she said.

He didn’t ask any questions at all.

“He was just going 'Hey I'll take and help. I'll help.' I like the part that he was trying to help, it's just not knowing what he was doing behind the scenes. He just seemed a little different,” Riedmueller said.

On I Love Lucy’s website it says that Ford picked up stray dogs to help them find a good home. One of his animals was taken to a local shelter. Riedmueller said she tried to take any of Ford’s animals, but they had already been taken elsewhere.

The sheriff’s department’s investigation is still ongoing. In addition to the charge of bestiality, they say that they may add further charges against Ford, reports Local Memphis.

Sources: THV11, Local Memphis

Photo Source: Nhandler/Wikimedia Commons


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