Police Discover Kids Locked In Room With No Food, Water

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Police in Arkansas arrested a mother after they say they discovered her three kids living in deplorable conditions.

Tiffany Tucker, 32, and her live-in boyfriend Eric Gentry, 32, were arrested after police responded to a home burglary alarm on Wednesday in Hot Springs, Arkansas. According to a witness, a young man ran from the house toward a different residence on the street.

Officers later discovered a 12-year-old boy in some bushes, reports KATV.

According to the boy, he broke into the house to Cheez-Its because he was hungry. He also described how his two younger brothers, 6 and 9, were alone in their house.

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After calling the child’s mother, she and Gentry arrived home an hour later, after reportedly going to the pharmacy to purchase water. Tucker took an officer through the backdoor that was locked from the outside. The front door was reportedly also padlocked shut from the outside.

Inside the house, the officer discovered the children’s bedroom tied shut from the outside with twine. In the room were the two children. They had been placed in there with a 5-gallon bucket they had used as a toilet, reports THV11.

According to Tucker and Gentry in a later interview, the boys were placed in the room as punishment. Tucker says she locked her kids in there “a few days before school was out.”

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The 12-year-old was living on the enclosed front porch, notes the police report. There, police found a pallet on the floor as well as another bucket of urine and feces. The boy reportedly did not have access to food or water on the porch.

The residence also did not having running water, according to KATV.

The boys have since been removed from the home and the couple was arrested. They each face three charges of endangering the welfare of a minor. They were both later released on $7,500 bail and are due to appear in court on June 23.

Source: KATV, THV11

Photo Credit: KATV


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